Decibel(Db) is a daily lifestyle blog which covers information on Well being, Self Awareness, Motivation, Health, Relationships, Food and Culture.

By definition dB is a unit for measuring the relative loudness or intensity of sound. Sometimes, this intensity can range from being barely heard which can be a faint whisper, or it can be as huge as a possible magnitude. Lifestyle as such has got us into a pre-occupied state where we are forgetting to appreciate or notice the small changes within us. In this hustle – bustle of daily life let’s take that little time to PAUSE a while introspect and ask those questions to SELF which can bring in a gradual impact in our lives. Often times, people don’t look upto us for “WHAT” we are doing or how we are doing, instead “WHY” we are doing for them has a deeper impact. This is a small and humble attempt to explore, align and insert those much needed short “PAUSES” in life and unleash the unexplored “SELF” within us.

Recent Blog Posts

Become the Better “YOU” – Compete Thy “SELF”

Competing against each other starts right from our childhood. It can be scoring good marks or securing top ranks in a class, or accomplishments in a sport meet or cultural activities and the list can go on. Slowly and steadily competition gets nurtured just like any other tradition and is carried forward to generations. In … Continue reading Become the Better “YOU” – Compete Thy “SELF”

Decoding Dravid & Dhoni..For the decades to come

Aug 15, 2020: “From 19:29 consider I’m retired” – MS Dhoni After his last ODI appearance Vs New Zealand in 2019 world cup, the entire cricketing fraternity has been through lot of speculations about Dhoni’s retirement, and then we heard from the man himself – “Captain Cool”. For someone who has been following cricket from … Continue reading Decoding Dravid & Dhoni..For the decades to come


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